Programming for the Ti calculator in C, I have tried to adapt the CDT plugin to my needs for the development with TiGCC (the GCC compilator adapted for the Ti binaries). So I build a plugin which uses the CDT plugin and which allows to develop softwares for Ti calculators.

So with this plugin you have:

  • the C syntax highlighting

  • the automatic building with TiGCC (on save)

  • the possibility to configure the building with the UI

For the curious, you can explore the contents of the plugin, and as you will see, this plugin is very very simple. Besides the fact that CDT is designed to be customized to our own needs, it is in fact my first eclipse plugin, and I’m far from an expert of the CDT API.

Then about some possible feature, the extensibility of Eclipse trigger a lot of ideas. For instance it would be interesting to add the auto completion of the Ti-OS functions, an integration of the TiEmu emulator, and the online help too. But that is another story.