This is the attic. Attic of some softwares I have developped. Software getting dust because I have no more use or I have moved on to more exciting technology.

Texas Instrument Softwares

As everybody I have been a student, and I chose my calculator among the Texas Instrument ones. I used my programming skills to fill my gaming and student needs, so here are some essential and/or funny softwares.

I have programmed a lot of things for the Ti 82 in Ti-Basic, my first calculator. But I have never took the time to upload them to my PC and make them documented releases. My second calculator is the Ti-89, with which I have done some Ti-Basic, some try with assembler, but essentially some C thanks to TiGCC. So you’ll find only C sources of my softwares.

Note that even if I have never stopped programming, I use now my Ti only for its 4 operations, so don’t expect frequent releases now. :p

So here are my useless, fun or indispensable softwares:

PSI Lessons

PSI is Physics and Engineering Science, a particular course that prepares to enter in some French engineering school. For my entrance exams, I filled my calculator of lessons, so I offer them now to be downloaded.


Gentoo is one of the many linux distributions. I adopted it in September 2004, and since, I haven’t find a better one, even if with my system administrator we troll debate about it. The only failing that I can see, besides the classic linux ones, is that it needs to compile everything, and it can take a quite looooooong time… Eventually I even stopped using it, free time is so precious.

In spite of the numerous ebuilds (gentoo packages) offered there, some are missing. So I made some little ebuilds and I offer them here to be downloaded:

To install these ebuilds I wrote a simple doc.


Eclipse is a software development platform which can be extended via plugins. One of the famous use of this platform is the Java development environment, the JDT, which is used to develop itself. There are a lot of other useful plugins, there is for instance the CDT which is the C/C++ development environment. You can also do you own plugin, which I did, and I offer them here:


Firefox is the internet browser of the Mozilla foundation for those who don’t know. One feature of Firefox, is that we can customize and add your own extensions. You probably have some installed on you computer as Adblock.

So I have done one myself, you can download it there.