hibView is a program which reads texts very quickly, texts formatted with tags, just like TxtRider.


For those who don’t know TxtRider, TxtRider read texts normally written in the Ti-OS editor, but faster and allows text format as underline, vector, bold, italic, embedded pictures, pretty-print expressions and hypertext links.

Compared to TxtRider, the reading of PIC and STR files has nothing particular. On the other hand, the text reading is improved:

  • hibView can draw in a normal way exponent (we couldn’t have exponent of font 3 in TxtRider)

  • it also support additional formats: suffix (#D), italic (#i), bold (#B) and conjugate (#J)

  • there is a support of hypertext link: you include the name of a text of your calculator in a text with the right tags; then, in the link view, hibView will open the selected link.

As TxtRider, hibView can support the ziplib compression. The texts and the images can be compressed, hibView will read them without manually decompress them with an external tool. But further more, you can manage the compression/decompression with hibView itself.

A zoom notion has been added to hibView : you can augment or reduce the font size as you can do in Firefox (well quite similar as there are only 3 supported size of font).

There is also the horizontal scrolling support. You will be able to see Ti 92 pictures on a Ti 89. Idem for the text written for the Ti 92, you will be able on a Ti 89 to force hibView to layout the text at a Ti 92 screen size.

I remind you that hibView is only a viewer and not an editor. To modify or create your text, you can use the editor on the calculator, or use a software on a PC which will help you in formatting the text. There is a excellent such software called WordRider.


Quick download

Here is the last available version : hibView-1.0_beta11.zip

You will also need the hibLib library : hibLib-1.0_beta3.zip

They are not hosted on my site, but hibView depends on them, so you should need PreOs and ConfLib.


I have used TxtRider for a long time to read my text files of my lessons, until I wanted to add my own functionalities. So I have developed hibText. It was a fast text reader, as TxtRider, with support of favoris and history. Then I have added some new functionalities, as reading other type of file, so I have named it hibView.