It's time to share

Now that have learned and practiced software engineering a good amount of time, I think I can share back some of my experiences and discuss with you about some hopfully interesting ideas.

I am an hungry man of learning all kind of stuff. Generally it is about computer science, but it is not the only topic I enjoy to learn about. And the Internet is bottomless when you start to dig. So for years I have learned and I hope it will never end.

Learning is great, but it is even more enjoyable if you can practice. And I had at least 7 years of practice of applying my engineering skills on computers. Some moments were very frustrating because as every knows Murphy’s law, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Some others were very exciting because we would apply the state of the art technics to solve real world problems. Now that have learned and practiced a good amount of time, I think I can share back all of this.

For instance I am often frustrated by some tools, libraires, frameworks (oh I hate frameworks… it will deserve a nice blog entry) which I find badly designed. Rather than rumbling in my imaginary beard, I think it’s time to write about what is right (because I am always right; with the exception of when I’m wrong). So in a quite presumptuous way, I hope my readers will change their mind before writing software I would moan about. Or they will at least be intrigued by my ideas. Or probably I will just be an ordinary software engineer telling his truth and his experience. I’ll at least work hard so there is some fun along the lines ;).

First blog post and I write about me. Hopefully this will be the last one and I’ll share more exciting technical stories.